What is the Public File?

Every UK commercial radio station has a licence commitment in terms of the general nature of its service and what music and local content it will provide. This commitment is specified in the Station Format document published by the industry regulator Ofcom.

Each station is also required to maintain a Public File that gives listeners clear information about the specific ways in which the station meets it format commitments and serves its community of listeners.

This document is Isles FM’s Public File.

News Bulletins

We broadcast local news bulletins during the breakfast show Duisg! And evening programme Drivetime, Monday to Friday. national and international news might also included in these programmes. Isles FM does not broadcast live on Sunday.

Regular bulletins are

Monday to Friday:

Local news: 07:30, 08:00, 08:30, 09:00, 09:30 16:30, 17:00, 17:30

Recent News

Samples of local news items are available online by clicking here <TO BE UPDATED SHORTLY>.

Programme Schedule

Isles FM broadcasts around 80 hours per week of locally-originated programmes, some of which are repeated at other times. In addition, Isles FM, has outside broadcast facilities for community events and shows. Isles FM does also commission or accept radio programmes from other sources for broadcast on an ad-hoc basis.

To view our current full Programme Schedule click here <TO BE UPDATED SHORTLY>.

Automation & local programming

When Isles FM is not broadcasting live then an automation system is used. The automated output includes re-broadcasting of locally produced programmes and music playlists. Isles FM does not use a sustaining service from any other provider.

Community Support

Isles FM is the trading name of Western Isles Community Radio Limited, a non-profit voluntary organisation. Isles FM supports other community groups, fund-raisers and locally based charity organisations. What’s On information is broadcast twice daily during Dusig! and Drivetime, interviews giving more information and increasing public awareness are available to all groups and public bodies. Isles FM will also welcome interest from community groups for outside broadcasts where this is practical.

Local Coverage

In addition to support for local groups Isles FM has frequently aired local debates e.g. windfarm planning applications and Sunday ferry sailings, that have a potential to affect the wider community. Isles FM has also regularly broadcast speech based local interest programmes that have a public interest element. Interview based programming has also been a feature on Isles FM, giving individuals the opportunity to bring their story to the wider community. Broadcasts of live concerts, local competitions and church services are also regular features brought to the listening audience by Isles FM.

Format document

This document is published by Ofcom and specifies the format Isles FM is expected to follow. The document is available from the Ofcom website http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/radiolicensing/formats/al202-1.doc

Ofcom Localness Guidelines

Ofcom issues Guidelines defining what it terms “localness” for the local radio stations it licenses. You can read them on the Ofcom website at this address: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/radio/ifi/rbl/car/localness/

Contact Us

Details of how to get in touch with Isles FM are available at the bottom of each page on this website.

How to Complain

If you want to make complaint about something you have heard on the station, or something you understand the station is planning to do, in the first instance please raise the matter with the Station Administrator by email or calling the station on 01851 703333

If you are not satisfied with our response and wish to take the matter further, you can contact the regulator Ofcom on 020 7981 3040 or via the complaints page on the Ofcom website.

Last Updated: 19th February 2022