An Lanntair have recently released a series of short films highlighting the use of Gaelic in the creative industries sector in Lewis.
The films, which were produced with funding from Bòrd na Gàidhlig, feature our younger generation who are choosing employment in areas which place both the language and culture at the heart of their work.
They span a range of art forms including media, performing and visual arts, and take the form of interviews on both their current work and views on how to support the language and culture going forward.
Alex Macdonald, An Lanntairs Head of Performing Arts, said:
“The theme of these films was how Gaelic inspires, which I believe the resulting pieces clearly illustrate. We were also able to employ two young film makers locally to create the pieces, and our thanks goes to them and all those who participated.”
The films are available to watch now on An Lanntair’s Youtube channel


The Pipe Major Donald MacLeod Memorial Competition has been cancelled for a third year due to the Covid 19 restrictions and uncertainty – but a twice-postponed recital will go ahead in the summer, the Lewis and Harris Piping Society have announced.
The planned recital by Pipe Major (PM) Roddy Macleod MBE, organised in conjunction with the Kinloch Historical Society and to feature the music of PM Alex M Maciver, is now scheduled to take place in Balallan on Friday, June 24.
The changes were announced at the AGM of the Piping Society, held via Zoom.
Giving his annual report to the AGM, Piping Society Chairman Dr John Smith said the “raging Covid pandemic” had “severely curtailed” the activities of the Society for the second year running, particularly in relation to the Donald MacLeod competition, where the Society invites the current eight best pipers in the world to come to Stornoway for the event and pays their costs.

He confirmed: “We decided a few weeks ago that the omens were not looking too good for the Donald MacLeod competition scheduled for April 1, 2022, and that the possibility of losing more money on fares was too much of a risk.
“We also consider that the ethos of the competition is for it to take place in Stornoway, so holding a ‘virtual’ competition is not a realistic option. Accordingly there will be no competition this year but hopefully the PM Donald MacLeod Memorial Competition will resume in the Caladh Hotel on Friday, April 7, 2023.

Anyone wishing to become involved with the Lewis and Harris Piping Society is invited to contact Secretary Joanna Graham, via phone 07950124983, email or via the Piping Society’s Facebook page.


At its recent meeting Comhairle nan Eilean Siar unanimously supported a motion expressing disappointment at the lack of island based members appointed to the Calmac Board and supported a call for a review of the appointments process.
The motion, unanimously agreed by Members, was as follows:

‘With the appointment of the new Transport Minister, the Comhairle calls on the Minister to immediately review the appointments process so that in future there is more equitable representation across CalMac and CMAL Boards that reflects the experience and skills of the island communities they serve. This is with a view to providing local expertise and better informing the decision-making process for the delivery of ferry services to our communities.’

Speaking to the motion, Councillor Crichton said:
‘It is right that the Comhairle reiterate its disappointment that no island based appointments were made to the CalMac Board, despite strong representations for this to happen and assurances that the communities would be represented. Instead we have a Chairman from Copenhagan who has been awarded for his failure as Chairman of CMAL and the debacle that is well documented about the procurement of our ferries.
‘We need people appointed from our communities to all public sector boards with responsibilities for our islands that live and work in our communities and actually care for them. I hope this is a motion we can all unite behind.’