Rodney Collins - 6th July 2020

Sheila/Tommy Roe (Judd-US, 1960)
Pasedena/Temperance Seven (Parlophone, 1961)
The one who really loves You/Jackie Trent (Oriole, 1962)
HAVE YOU HEARD THIS ONE: I'll never fall I love Again/Lonnie Donegan (Pye, 1962 a big seller later in the decade for Tom Jones)
Count on Me/Julie Grant (Pye, 1963)
Foot Tapper/The Shadows (Columbia, 1963)
FILM TUNE: From Russia with Love/Matt Monro (Parlophone, 1963)
As tears go By/Marianne Faithfull (Decca, 1964)
Shy Guy/Robb Storme and the Whispers (Pye, 1965)
I got you Babe/Sonny and Cher (Atlantic, 1965)

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Rodney Collins - 29th June 2020

Hey There/Lita Roza (Decca, 1955)
I walk the Line/Johnny Cash (Sun-US, 1956)
Starry Eyed/Michael Holliday (Columbia, 1960)
The time has Come/Adam Faith (Parlophone, 1961)
Always you and Me/Russ Conway (Columbia, 1962)
TV THEME: Dr Kildare/Johnny Spence Orchestra (Parlophone, 1962)
Move over Darling/Doris Day (Columbia-US, 1963)
You never can Tell/Chuck Berry (Pye International, 1964)

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