Rodney Collins - 4th May 2020

I walk the Line/Johnny Cash (Sun-US, 1956)
Little boy Green/Ron Rendell (Ember Jazz, 1960)
Girl on death Row/Duane Eddy & Lee Hazelwood (Jamie-US, 1960)
Little Sister/Elvis Presley (RCA, 1961)
Climb every Mountain/Dickie Valentine (Pye, 1961)
She's got You/Alma Cogan (Columbia, 1962)
Hey Paula/Paul & Paula (Philips, 1962)
Wonderful world of the Young/Danny Williams (HMV, 1962)
Wishing and Hopin/Dionne Warwick (Scepter-US, 1962)
Foot Tapper/The Shadows (Columbia, 1963)
Applejack/Jet Harris & Tony Meehan (Decca, 1963)
Say I won't be There/Springfields (Philips, 1963)

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Rodney Collins Show: 27th April 2020


Stately homes of England/Noel Coward (HMV, 1938)
Magic Moments/Perry Como (RCA, 1958)
Put your head on my Shoulder/Paul Anka (Columbia, 1959)
Tower of Strength/Frankie Vaughan (Philips, 1961)
Night has a thousand Eyes/Bobby Vee (Liberty-US, 1962)
I'm telling you Now/Freddie and the Dreamers (Columbia, 1963)
All my Loving/The Beatles (Parlophone, 1963 from the LP 'With The Beatles')
Anyone who had a Heart/Cilla Black (Columbia, 1964)
When you walk in the Room/Searchers (Pye, 1964)
William Tell/Sounds Incorporated (Columbia, 1964)
Don't let me be Misunderstood/Animals (Columbia, 1965)
The last Time/Rolling Stones (Decca, 1965)
One in the Middle/Manfred Mann (HMV, 1965 title track of the EP)

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