Local News for Thursday 11th July 2019


Scottish Gas Networks (SGN), is the operator of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage site on Sandwick road.
The site is subject to the requirements of the Control of Major Accidents Hazards Regulations 2015 as a result of the maximum quantity of LPG stored on the site.
SGN have a warning siren installed on the site used to warn the Public of any incident that has the potential to effect People outside of the site.
The siren will be tested today, Thursday 11th July commencing at 10am over a duration of no more than one hour. Both the “Warning Alarm” – continuous short pulses of high pitched sound - and the “All Clear” – a continuous low pitched sound - will be tested a number of times, for a maximum duration of three minutes each time between 10am and 11am today.
Members of the Public are advised to refer to notification sent out by mail recently to households in the area should they have any concerns.
The Public are also reminded that should they ever experience a gas Emergancy or smell gas, to call the Gas Emergancy contact number free on 0800 111 999. For all other emergencies dial 999.


Over the next three years, the land adjacent to Goathill Farm will be transformed providing a new care facility for Lewis and affordable housing for residents of Stornoway.
The development includes a 52-bed care home, 50 extra-care units, and 74 houses (58 for rent and 16 for purchase through the shared equity scheme) and is due for completion by autumn 2022.
The project has been developed by CnES and HHP with funding assistance from the Scottish Government at an estimated total cost of £46m and is a significant part of the implementation of a review of care facilities on the island and of the Local Housing Strategy, specifically the provision of affordable housing in Stornoway.
The construction works are to be undertaken in three phases. The first phase, comprising civil engineering works across the entire site at Perceval Road is being undertaken by main contractor Wates Group in conjunction with their subcontractor McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd. Construction works will progress through July.
Cllr Roddie Mackay, the Leader of Council said:
“Reaching this key milestone in what is undoubtedly a significant investment in the islands’ assets and infrastructure is testimony to all the key providers having a shared commitment and vision to improve the provision of care for the Islands”.