Local News for Thursday 30th May 2019


Final preparations are underway for this year’s Hebridean Pride, which takes place in Stornoway on Saturday (June 1st). More than 400 people took part in the first Hebridean Pride last year and organisers hope this year’s event will be just as successful.

The event has received support from local organisations and businesses on top of their Lottery grant, including £870 from community wind farm charity Point and Sandwick Trust (P.S.T.)

The parade starts at 3pm from the Golf Club road in the castle grounds but the event will be congregating at The Hub from 2pm, for speeches and music. Anyone intending to join the parade is asked to be at The Hub by 2.15pm at the latest and will be directed to the start from there.

Hebridean Pride Committee chair Susanne Erbida said there were “so many costs that you don’t realise when you put an event on” and the community wind farm money had been “very helpful”.

Donald John MacSween, General Manager at P.S.T. said: “We fully support the organisers in their efforts to raise awareness and increase acceptance, diversity and inclusivity in the islands. We wish them all the best for their event.”



Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP Alasdair Allan has hailed an “outstanding” victory for the SNP, both across Scotland and in the islands. He said the result proved that Scotland was “tired of being ignored by Westminster on Europe - and on everything else.”
The SNP emerged across Scotland as the victor, going up from two to three seats and winning 38 percent of the vote. This puts the SNP 23 percentage points ahead of its nearest rival, the Brexit Party, and leaves Labour in Scotland in fifth place.
The SNP win nationally was repeated in the Western Isles when the SNP emerged some 24 points clear of its nearest rival, with 43.7% of the vote.
Alasdair Allan commented: ‘This result is a huge success for the SNP, and for its clear and positive message about Scotland’s place in Europe. The SNP has emerged with three of Scotland’s six MEPs, and with more votes in Scotland than Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems added together.
‘The result in the Western Isles was well worth waiting for. The SNP won 43.7% percent of the vote in the islands, 24 points ahead of its nearest rival locally.”
‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who helped the SNP in the islands during this historic election.’