Local News for Wednesday 6th February 2019


Highlands & Islands Regional Labour MSP Rhoda Grant speaking about the decision by TalkTalk to close down their facility in Stornoway said:
‘There needs to be discussions around this decision which seems to have come out of the blue and will have an adverse impact on the island, the economy and more importantly the 59 individuals that are employed by the company.
‘My heart goes out to all these dedicated employees. The company say they are centralising and moving the jobs to Salford in Manchester with little dialogue with the workforce, trade unions or wider community.’
Rhoda went on: ‘It is my understanding that this company was financially supported by HIE,
‘I am writing to HIE asking what support they gave and whether there us an opportunity to claw this back if this decision is not reversed.
‘I have also spoken to the company but they are adamant that they will not reverse this decision but are offering their staff relocation to Salford. However, I am keen to find out if similar work can be procured for the staff involved and whether HIE have looked into that’.


The Scottish Government is putting out to Public consultation the thorny issue of fireworks and is seeking the views of the Public on steps to tackle their misuse.
The use and regulation of fireworks is the focus of the consultation which aims to ensure everyone can enjoy displays safely.
Community Safety Minister Ash Denham launched the consultation, which asks for views on issues such as whether the sale of fireworks to the public should be banned, and what other measures can help ensure fireworks are used safely and responsibly.
Ms Denham said:
‘From conversations with the public and emergency service workers I am aware of concern about the use and sale of fireworks to individuals. We want to work with others to reduce the negative impact of fireworks and the public’s voice is vital in shaping our approach going forward.
“While much of existing legislation on the sale of fireworks is reserved to Westminster, we hope this consultation will identify any gaps in the law and highlight where the regulation of fireworks could be improved.’
The Scottish Government consultation on fireworks in Scotland is open now online at https://consult.gov.scot/safer-communities/fireworks/
The consultation will run until 13 May 2019