Isles FM News in association with Hebrides News - Thursday 9th July 2020


The Gaelic lobbying group, Misneachd have added their support, for establishing a community run Trust, Urras na Gàidhlig in the Western Isles.
This follows the findings of the research by Soillse cultural research department, at the University of the Highlands and Islands, on the future of Gaelic in the Western Isles
The publication The Gaelic Crisis in the Vernacular Community: A comprehensive sociolinguistic survey of Scottish Gaelic, concluded that Gaelic will not survive, as a community language in 10 years’ time, unless a community based, language development trust is formed.
Misneachd spokesperson commented” The research has created ripples of responses this week and firm action is needed now, to empower the Gaelic speakers to make decisions for the future
Misneachd call on the Scottish Government, Bord na Gaidhlig and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and other development bodies to work towards a Participatory Minority Language Cooperative,for the Western Isles)



Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has welcomed the announcement, that four new crofting development posts, for the Crofting Commission, and based in the Western Isles as “a crucial and timely initiative”.

“This is very welcome news“, said Donald MacKinnon, vice-chair of SCF and a Lewis-based crofter. “We have been arguing for the crofting development role, of the Crofting Commission to be expanded and it is gratifying to see, that Scottish Government has taken this on board and is supplying additional funding for the creation of four outreach posts.”

Four new crofting jobs will be created in the Western Isles thanks to additional funding from the Scottish Government. The £325,000 investment will also provide opportunities for the Crofting Commission to extend its development activities, supporting the wider community.

Mr MacKinnon went on to say, “Covid-19 has of course had an impact on crofting; markets and transport have been severely disrupted. Crofters are resilient but this period has been extremely challenging. With this government-funded help we hope to see crofting not only recover but to emerge with new strengths – it is time to do things differently. Crofting provides the foundation for families to survive and thrive here, and with the focus on climate change and the need to use land and grow food in a more environmentally friendly way, crofting is a leading model.

It makes sense to have the Commission staff located where most crofts are, the Western Isles, but in time we would want to see this model emulated in other crofting areas too.”



Scottish Gas Networks the operator of the LPG storage site on Sandwick Road, Stornoway will be testing alarms today between 10 -11am .
Scottish Gas have a warning siren installed on the site, used to warn the Public of any incident, that has the potential to effect People outside of the site.
The siren will be tested today commencing at 10am over a duration of no more than one hour. Both the “Warning Alarm” – continuous short pulses of high pitched sound - and the “All Clear” – a continuous low pitched sound - will be tested a number of times, for a maximum duration of three minutes each time between 10am and 11am today.
Members of the Public are advised to refer to notification, sent out by mail recently to households in the area, should they have any concerns.
The Public are also reminded that, should they ever experience a gas Emergancy, or smell gas, to call the Gas Emergency contact number free on 0800 111 999. For all other emergencies dial 999.


Muaitheabhal Community Windfarm Trust and local councillors, through their ward funds, have enabled Care Homes, to re-introduce visiting, by the purchase of equipment, making socially distanced outdoor visiting possible.

Head of Community Care Jack Libby expressed his thanks saying”,Care home residents and their family now have enhanced visiting facilities available, due to the purchase of garden furniture, gazebos and awnings."

Chairperson of the Muaitheabhal Community Windfarm Trust Iain MacIver said,
The Muaitheabhal Trustees wish to better the lives of those who find themselves in care during such challenging and worrying times. By offering help from the fund we hope that the money can be used, to safely add to the quality of comfort and care for residents.