Isles FM News in association with Hebrides News: Thursday 23rd April

Local Testing for Covid-19

Local testing of Western Isles patients, with suspected coronavirus, is expected to commence soon, after a shortage of necessary equipment was resolved.
A delivery of vital sample bottles flown to the UK from China, are expected to be delivered to the island this week. A necessary component for the coronavirus assessment machine, in the laboratory in Ospadal nan Eilean.

Trade minister Ivan McKee said “A package of virus collecting tubes should be despatched to NHS Western Isles by the end of this week, to meet the Scottish Government’s recently guaranteed end-of-April deadline.
Small scale testing can then be undertaken locally, once the coronavirus assessment machine is up and running. This will allow results to be known within hours, reducing the two-day delay, as the present system involves flying samples to Glasgow for analysis”.

Addresses to help Health Service staff NHS Western Isles announced that, over the coming weeks, NHS staff who do not normally visit patients in their own homes, may require to be deployed into the community setting.

As many addresses and croft numbers are not clearly visible from the roadside, NHS Western Isles, is appealing to members of the public, to ensure that their address, is made as obvious as possible on properties, gates, or walls.
This will greatly assist healthcare staff to find properties quickly, and benefit those with healthcare needs.

Public encouraged to be vigilant

Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MSP Alasdair Allan, is raising awareness of the need, to be aware of scams and fake news. This follows an increase in reports across Scotland about scam emails, text messages, and calls.

Across the UK, there is evidence fraudsters are increasingly targeting members of the public, as well as organisations of all sizes, with emails, texts, telephone calls, social media messages and online shopping scams relating to the outbreak.

Police Scotland have now launched a new Shut Out Scammers resource, to protect the public and businesses from COVID-19 related scams. The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has also launched an email reporting service, which the public can use to report any suspicious activity.

Alasdair Allan commented “During this coronavirus crisis, everyone should take extra care to ensure that they only share information from trusted sources, ask for identification from all doorstep callers, and never hand over any personal information. It is also vital to report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities."

An Lanntair Full Circle Music for Families

The An Lanntair outreach team, have provided a 30 minute online music and movement resource for families, as part of the Full Circle project.
The online activities film, can be downloaded to entertain children and assist parents to strengthen music and movement awareness.
The team aim to encourage engagement, with the Full Circle project and An Lanntair Arts Centre, during the coronavirus lockdown.
Full Circle resources can be accessed on

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